Michael Simpsonelli  is an in-demand musician that is known for his solid musicianship and unparalleled diversity. He has performed, toured, composed and recorded with numerous ensembles, in a wide range of styles, such as: Jazz, Metal, Blues, Brazilian and Afro-Cuban Jazz, Bluegrass, Country, Funk, Klezmer, Punk, Rock, and Electronica.
       Michael has scored music for feature-length films, such as the 2015 documentary "I Am Chris Farley", and the violent thriller “Jacob’s End”.  For a silent film titled "Limb For Love" , he composed and performed a 20-minute "Tango" piece (based around Accordian movements that he played himself).  Michael was commissioned by acclaimed Vancouver artist
 Steven Shearer to compose "The Toolshed Symphony", in which he performed numerous original Heavy Metal guitar pieces that were played as part of a live modern art  exhibit that was shown in Vancouver, Vienna, and Italy. In 2003 he produced and co-wrote the album “Mental Moonlight”, with  Anna Baignoche and Governor-General Award winning poet Joe Rosenblatt. 

       Live, Michael has performed internationally, at many venues and festivals. In 2011, he toured extensively througout Japan with punk band Isolation3 (alongside members of Canadian punk icons SNFU, Econoline Crush, and legendary German Industrial-Metal band KMFDM), even surviving an earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown!! He has had numerous appearances with CBC Radio and Television, and many other radio and TV shows.
 Michael has performed alongside such great musicians as Juno Award winner Jason Burnstick, legendary beatbox poet/songwriter CR Avery, Dan Mangan, The Broken Mirrors, Anna Baignoche, Mark Berube, Mother MotherMasa Anzai (Bison BC,), master percussionist Sal Ferreras,  Steven Nikleva (Sarah Mclaughlan, Mae Moore), Terry Townson (Allman Brothers, Ray Charles), Hide Fujiwara(Ultra Bide)Simon Kendall (Colin James, Doug & The Slugs), and countless other artists.